Sunday, April 24, 2016

Once you realize that you can't see everything in life no matter how fast you travel, you tend to slow down, relax and enjoy the places you find enjoyable and move on from places that you don't enjoy. That was exactly what i was doing in Brazil during the month of December last year. Brazil is HUGE! I had been enjoying riding slowly up from Uruguay for a month and I was barely half way up the coast.

As I was motorcycle camping at the time I had a live report going back then with marginal photographs before I met Tetiana in Brazil. That report is over at

The nice thing about up to the minute travel reports on the internet is that people contact you and invite you over to their house or give you great ideas on places to go that you have never heard of. And that was exactly what happened on December 14th the day I met Tetiana.

I had enjoyed Rio and little beach towns that I camped near further up the coast. Places like Porto Seguro:

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